Saturday, April 7, 2007

New Jazz Piano Method by Bradley Sowash

I'm pleased to announce that my new jazz piano method, titled "That's
Jazz" published by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company, is now available
nationally in most print music stores and online retailers. You don't
have to be a jazzer to use it. In fact, I wrote it with traditional
(non-jazz) pianists and teachers in mind,
so I hope you'll take a look.

In lieu of a blurb, here's a description/review from

"Fun and fantastic! Great on its own or as a supplement to any piano
method, That's Jazz is perfect for the adolescent and adult student
who wants to learn the main styles of jazz (swing, Latin and rock) and
have loads of fun playing the piano. Written by acclaimed jazz
pianist, composer and educator Bradley Sowash, this method will give
your students a huge dose of inspiration. The three books in the
series progress from the early intermediate to late intermediate
levels. Each book offers awesome original jazz tunes by Bradley
Sowash. All aspects of playing jazz are clearly explained in
digestible doses. Students are given plenty of opportunities to try
new concepts and to improvise. The enclosed CD includes a performance
of each tune in the respective collection, including the duet part.
Highly recommended, especially for the teen student."

Learn more at:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

iTunes credit towards the rest of the album

Today, Apple introduced the "Complete My Album" feature Thursday on
its iTunes Store. It now gives a full credit of 99 cents for every
track the user previously purchased and applies it toward the
purchase of the complete album.

For instance, most albums on iTunes cost $9.99 so a customer who
already bought three tracks can download the rest of the album for

So, if you've ever bought any tracks from my CDs on iTunes, but not
the whole CD, and you would like to get the rest of the CD, Apple
will honor this retroactively up to 90 days from now, for any
purchases you made within the past four years (since iTunes first was

Here are all my links to my iTunes albums: at the 'buy downloads' links for each

Here is more information about the new 'Complete My Album' feature on


Friday, March 23, 2007

Quinn New cd Becoming on

Hello Everyone, 

Just a quick note to let you know that Quinn's new cd Becoming is now available at just click on the following link - 

Becoming is also available at  - click on the following link to go there - 

Thank You for all your support and Please help us spread the word.

All the Best to you,

Orison Music - O:m

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Video Peace Experiment posted on

The instrumental music is Mystical Myst from the CD Lavender Dreams by Steven Cravis

The 64 Second Peace Experiment
This is an experiment about exposing ourselves to positive
statements relating to peace between ourselves and the rest of
the universe. It only takes 64 seconds of your day. There are more...
no racial, religious or political statements though some
phrases could be considered neutrally spiritual. I mixed in a
section of my original composition Mystical Myst. If you feel
peaceful after watching this, please take 64 seconds out of
each day and maybe we can make a change on the planet through
our focused intention.
Even those who do not speak English can benefit from this as
I've put much intention into the video file, including the
intention to transcend language. One more note, you can try to
read all the fast changing phrases, but the effectiveness
might be greater by relaxing eye focus on the blue circle.

The 64 Second Peace Experiment - Amazing videos are here

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apple Computers Promotes Independent Instrumental Guitarcore Release from LoNero

Computer giant Apple Computers are currently running a 2 week promotion for independent instrumental guitarcore band LoNero. The new cd entitled "Relentless" is 14 tracks of layered harmonies, lush acoustic and heavy instrumental guitarcore.

LoNero, the originators of the Guitarcore genre are currently out promoting their new release. They will return home to the San Francisco Bay Area for two shows. The first is opening for guitarist Gary Hoey at The Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, CA on March 18th at The Red Devil Lounge and the second show is their record release party at The Voodoo Lounge in San Jose, CA on March 21st.


So far the initial reaction to the new cd is enormous. As one purchaser said "This is the best guitar album I have heard in many many years".

Visit LoNero at:

See the Apple promotion here: or just open your Quicktime player