Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Video Peace Experiment posted on

The instrumental music is Mystical Myst from the CD Lavender Dreams by Steven Cravis

The 64 Second Peace Experiment
This is an experiment about exposing ourselves to positive
statements relating to peace between ourselves and the rest of
the universe. It only takes 64 seconds of your day. There are more...
no racial, religious or political statements though some
phrases could be considered neutrally spiritual. I mixed in a
section of my original composition Mystical Myst. If you feel
peaceful after watching this, please take 64 seconds out of
each day and maybe we can make a change on the planet through
our focused intention.
Even those who do not speak English can benefit from this as
I've put much intention into the video file, including the
intention to transcend language. One more note, you can try to
read all the fast changing phrases, but the effectiveness
might be greater by relaxing eye focus on the blue circle.

The 64 Second Peace Experiment - Amazing videos are here

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